Grame Manifesto

Current Storyline


In the beginning, there were three strange beings, from vastly different places.

The first was a fey, a mixed breed Nymph/Dryad named Luna Selene.

The second was a human appearing being with a fine dusting of scales.

The third was a dwarf fighter.

These three came together to prevent a barbarian tribe from overrunning a local town

Along the way, they gained and lost several companions and now the party consists of:

Luna Selene, a Nymph/Dryad Bard/Druid.
Solviaa, an Elven Ranger/Wizard/Arcane Archer/Wardstone Mage.
Cade Tealeaf, a Human? Rogue/Dragonfire Adept/Triad.
Kensai, A Rakshasa from another plane. Fighter/Sorcerer.
Wulf Hamfist, A Stone Giant/Deep Dragon Fighter.
Lia, A Human Wizard/Alchemist Whoo spent 300 years as a Ghost.

To give these people a good adventure, They A. Have to hide a mother creature from another world, B. Run a small but growing town too earn a Nobility title, C. prevent the first Fey/Human war in 5000 years and D. Clean all the monsters from a region that no one wants to patrol.


Solviaa is now gone, replaced by a human Wizard/Cleric/Wardstone Mage. Currently, the party is in the Tower of the Mad Psionist. They have defeated the outer guardians and are ready to start exploring the tower itself.

Current Storyline

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