Wardstone Mage (Class Template)


Wardstone Mage

The Wardstone Mage creates magical gems that hold one or more magical spells that can be used within the area guarded. Currently, only one person in Grame Manifesto can do this, and as the City of Drakenoir isn’t always around, most people don’t even know that it can be done. As the Mage rises in levels, he becomes able to add more magical effects of greater power to a larger area. Since the full power of the Wardstone Mage is in the number and range of spells he can use, this class is almost exclusively Wizards and Clerics. Other spellcasters may take a level or two, so they can set temporary wards around campsites, but the higher levels require knowledge of more spells of the higher levels.

Hit Die: 1d4

Alignment: Any. (A Wizard taking this class may not be a specialist mage, they must be generalists.)
Skills: Concentration 5 ranks, Gem cutting 5 ranks.
Feats: Attune Gem.
Special: The PC must spend one month in intense training with a Wardstone Mage of at least level 6 to gain the first level. At level 4, 8 and 10, he must find a Wardstone Mage at least two levels higher than the PC is and demonstrate his skill by creating a wardstone of the largest level he can make.

Class skills: Concentration (CON), Craft: Gem Cutting (INT) Knowledge: All, taken individually (INT), Spellcraft (INT).

Skill points per level: 2+ INT modifier.

Class Features:
Spells: At each new level the Warder Mage gains new spells as if he had earned a level in whatever spellcaster class he belonged to before adding the Warder Mage class. He does not gain any other benefit of that class.

Permanent Gem Creation: At first level the Warder Mage learns to create gems that are permanent magical items. This requires a Masterwork gemstone worth ten times the radius of the ward. (A first level permanent wardstone costs 1000 GP.) Creating the stone requires a spellcraft check. (DC 10 + 2 for each effect on the stone.) The Wardstone Mage can add one spell per level of caster, plus his INT bonus. (A 3rd level Mage with a +4 INT can add 7 spells to a single stone.)


Wardstone Mage (Class Template)

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