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Fleet Ship Stats (500 tons)

These are the stats (Currently) for the ships. There may some changes before final design. Almost all elements of the ships came from 7th Seas or Stormwrack. (A few things are from the Stronghold Builder’s Guide.)

Note also that the spell lists for the ships are not completed yet and will be added at some later date.
STR; 36, DEX; 25, CON; 0, INT; 27, WIS; 40, CHA; 33. FORT; 23, REF; 19, WILL; 30. Attack Bonus; 30/30/25/20 Initiative: +7
Concentration: 23 + 11 = 34 Diplomacy: 23 + 11 + 2 = 36 Knowledge (Naval) 23 + 8 = 31 Knowledge (Geography): 23 + 8 = 31 Knowledge (Arcana): 23 + 8 = 31 Listen: 23 + 15 = 38
Profession (Sailor) 23 + 15 = 38 Sense Motive: 23 + 15 = 38 Speak Language: 8 ranks. Spellcraft: 23 + 8 + 2 = 33 Spot: 23 + 15 = 38 Survival: 23 + 15 = 38

All ships are 20th level intelligent items of Lawful Neutral alignment. Their base saves are +12, with base attack bonuses of +15/15/10/5. All ships have Construction levels of 21. All Ships grant the following bonuses to the crew: All masts and rigging have Spider climb on them. +7 to Profession Sailor checks, +6 to all checks in poor weather, +7 to Climb checks, +7 to Balance checks, Secure Lines catch any crewman that falls from the masts or rigging, +2 to all checks, attacks and saves,(Above checks have this factored in already.) Captain Bonuses: +2 knowledge Geography, +10 Profession Sailor, +5 all CHA checks, +5 Balance.

All Ships may add their Wisdom modifier to their attack rolls if it is higher than Str or Dex.

The Ships speak Common, Elven, Dwarven, Orc, Giant, Terran, Auran, Draconic, Gnome, Celestial, Halfling, Sylvan, Undercommon, Infernal, Abyssal and Aquan.

Great ship Statistics: Colossal vehicle. Seaworthiness 8. Ship-handling +2. Movement: 142 ft. (Good); if Cargo is 312 tons or more: 71 ft. Overall AC +21. (-8 size, + 5 armour, +5 magic enhancement, +5 Natural Armour, +7 Dex bonus. +2 insight bonus.) Hull sections 240 (sink 60 sections; but see “Sailing” entry below.); Section HP 540 (hardness 16); Section AC 27. Rigging Sections 5; Rigging HP 420 (hardness 3), AC 25. Weapons: Ram 7d6 plus 2d813; Mounts 12 light bombards and 4 heavy bombards. Space 150 ft. by 40 ft.; Height 20 ft. (draft 20 ft.). Ship’s Crew: 500; Watch 20. Cargo Space: 625 tons. Cost: 1.9 million GP. (This includes all extras.)

Ship Construction Features:

Masterful Construction X 10. (All HP up by 10%, total; 100%.)
Wave Rider. (10 ft speed)
Tough old Girl. (Hull hardness +2)
Wide Rudder. (Increases Manoeuvrability by one step.)
Reinforced Hull X 4. (Hull hardness +4)
Reinforced Masts. (hardness +2)
Ice Queen. (Cold Resistance 10.)
Built to Last. (Hull HP +5 per inch of thickness.)
Storm Rider. (electrical resistance 10)
Ocean-worthy. (
4 to all checks involving operations in poor weather.)
Bull of the Sea. (Additional Ramming Damage 1d6)
Extra mast. (plus 25% to speed.)
Concealed Gun ports. (Allows Sneak attack on other ships. First shots of the encounter only, 11d10 per Light Bombard fired in the first round.)
Swivel Cannons. (The 4 heavy bombards can swivel in a 90 degree arc.)
Extra Cargo Space. (plus 25% to Cargo space.)
Extra Boarding Cannons. (six light rail mounted cannons per side with Grape shot loaded. 4D6, x3, 120 ft range, no affect on ship parts except sails. Cone firing pattern.)


Float. (Allows self propulsion at 10’ per round. Good manoeuvrability.)
Increased Speed X 5. (+10 ft per round per feat. Total speed; 60 ft per round.)
Attack. (Can attack on it’s own, dealing damage as size.)
Telekinetic Hands. (manipulate objects as per STR score.)
Improved Sneak Attack: (Roll d8s instead of d6s.)
Greater Sneak Attack: (Roll d10s instead of d8s.)
Empower Ability: Disable Construct. (Causes 300 points of damage to one non living target.)
Empower Ability: Total Repair. (Repairs 300 points to target.)
Magical Affinity: (Knows 8 0-level Wizard spells and can cast then 1/d)
Sniper: (Sneak attacks out to 3 range increments.)
Splintering Strike: (Sneak attacks work on constructs.)

Magical effects:

Burst of Speed: (On command, the ship moves at 10 knots. See locomotion in SBG.)
Sailing. (Floats magically, cannot be sunk unless dispelled.)
Proof versus Vermin. ( See Stronghold Builder’s Guide for details.)
Magically Treated. (+20 to break DC, doubles Hardness and HP.)
Spider Walk. (Crew can climb as per Spider climb.)
Wondrous Absence. (As Nystul’s undetectable aura. This Ship has no magic, really.)
Template: Crafty. (See Monsternomicon for details.)
Portal: Each ship has a portal set up to allow two way movement between any two ships.
Each ship has magical Armour enhancements of +5 with Ghost Touch and SR 13.
All Bombards have Magical weapon enhancements of +5 with Speed, Distance and Seeking.
Magical enhancements to Wisdom and Charisma of +8

The base ship is a Great Ship with the following extra features:

12 Light Bombards. (3d10, 16-20×3, 300 ft range, 5 Distance, Seeking and Speed. RoF: 3/2.)
4 Heavy Bombards. (6d10, 16-20×3, 400 ft range, +5 Distance, Seeking and Speed. RoF: 3/2.)
500 Cutlasses. (1d6, 19-20×2 Slashing.)
500 Light Crossbow: (1d8, 19-20×2, 80 ft range.)
500 Sailor’s Knives. (1d4, 17-20×3, Slashing.)
500 Leather Armour. (Oiled, Ship’s name and crest on it.)
500 Sets of Oilskins. (warm and waterproof.)
2 Sextants. (
2 bonus to Knowledge Geography.)
5 sets of Greater Wind Favoured Sails. (Speed X3, Helmsman can set wind direction.)
1 Admiral’s Bicorne. (5 bonus to all Cha checks, see Stormwrack for details.))
1 Captain’s Lantern. (Betokened Alarm system.)
1 Brass Dragon Living Figurehead. (160 ft line of fire, 10d6, x2. See Stormwrack for details.)
1 Magnificent Captain’s Coat. (Endure Elements, +5 to profession Sailor and Balance checks.)
5 sets of Secure Lines. (
5 to Climb and Balance checks, catches crew members if they fall.)
1 Amulet of Storm Dispersal. (Disperse any bad weather within 5 miles for 1d4+1 hours 1/d.)
1 Master Wheel. (doubles Ship speed.)
1 Daoud”s Marvellous Maritime Map. (See page 41 of Seafarer’s Handbook.)
1 Smuggler’s Hold. (2 tons of cargo, no piece over 10 ft square, search DC 20 to find.)
1 Portable Bridge. (1/d becomes a bridge 5xup to 50ft long.)
25 Everlasting Stoves. (Small cook stoves that never go out and can be closed when not in use.)
2 Bag of Devouring. (If you don’t know what this does, reach inside.)
2 Decanter of Endless Water. (It makes water, Duh.)
50 Hooded Lanterns of Continual Flame. (No fire light for the ship.)
20 Bullseye Lanterns of Continual Flame.(And Again, but with coloured lens to place over it.)
25 Endless Larders. (food for 5 every time opened.)
1 Platform of Healing. (Casts Heal on any living creature on it.)
1 Platform of Greater Levitation. (2000 pounds up or down only.)
1 Platform of Greater Telekinesis. (2000 pounds in any direction.)
1 Table of Feasting. (Hero’s feast for 12, 3/d.)

Total cost to create the ship and supply it as noted above is 1.9 million GP and requires 6 months to make. The DC 30 to make the various parts of the ship assumes Masterwork Quality throughout.

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