Grame Manifesto

And they're off.

So, here they are, freshly back from killing the body of a 1st ED Lich and looting his treasury and they have to do a minor favor for somebody. Setting sail, the party goes to the Tower of the Mad Psion and retrieves a thingy they don’t understand from the tower.

All told, they were gone almost two months. Bad news on their return. Since the protections on their vault were not that awesome, as word got around that they had looted a lich, people came looking around and two of them managed to steal almost everything they had looted.

Also, the rumors of immense riches attracted spies and other beings, including a 12 year old precious thief who can’t be touched.

The party began tracking down the various thieves and made a deal with an old black dragon to help kill an older black dragon that was one of the thieves. The dragon killed, the party recovered their things from that thief and the other black dragon (their Ally, for that fight) is now the most powerful dragon on their side of the country.

The baron from the barony next door suffered a death, cause unknown at this time. The King is sending investigators to check the death out. The party has sent Wulf Hamfist to pay their respects.

The party has hired an older gentleman to run the town defenses, and he is diligently upgrading the town defenses. He has offered a long term contract to Bourne’s Badgers, including citizenship after three years.

The second thief, a human male named Jergison has been located and a pair of twin Drow sisters have been hired to bring him back to the town.

The party has a mission to do for their Fey allies, involving a search for the mythical Green Crystal Apple, a jewel of immense power. Their resident Sage has discovered the last person to have possessed it and the party must now go and talk to Octavous, Markus’s little brother.

The Lich whose body they killed has been reborn from the Phylactery and is currently research all known data on the party before coming for his vengeance.



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