Grame Manifesto

Game Changes and annoyances.

OK… The currently physical party has Done a lot in the last week.

First, the party is about to convert to Gestalt characters from Unearthed Arcana, spiced up with levels in evolved Human from Arcana Evolved and a few of them can take levels in Racial Paragon.

(Yes, Mark, I know you haven’t even gotten to play your character yet, but hey, what better time to change it around?)

Second, the various party members are starting a number of businesses in Grame Manifesto. (Mark, you may also start one, but you’ll have no reasonable start up costs, since you haven’t got the funds the party does at this time.)

In adventuring news, the party made a very short alliance with an evil black dragon to help kill a rival. The party had been robbed by the dragon they killed and were simply looking to get their stuff back. The dragon they made the deal with got the other Dragon’s hoard and is now the most powerful black dragon on the western side of Faerun.

The party is now looking for a green apple made of some strange crystal like substance as a favour to their Fay allies.



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