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May 2014

Game time: Early Spring, in the year of the Faerun War, 3110

So, as I am once again about to redo some of the basic premises of the world, I thought it would only be fair to send out fair warning to all and sundry who will be affected by these changes. None of them will be as wide ranging as the changes brought about during Planar War, nor as annoying as the 1991 reboot of the entire Game system, for those of you that remember those events.

First, as most of you know, we’ve been playing with a spell from the Book of Eldritch Might that allows you to carry a genetic trait down to the next generation without losing half of it to cross breeding. I am changing two things about that at this time. First, to prevent the rampant uberization that happened to the Starwolves, that spell is now considered a Clan secret and only by agreeing to be in the Clan can you have bloodline traits in full. Jerry, that means neither Markus or any of his children can use it.

Second, After a single trait has been handed down for 5 generations, it becomes part of that family’s traits and the spell is no longer needed to pass it along. However, any family that has two or more traits like this is no longer Human/Elf/dwarf/whatever, they are Classified as Abominations and the Abomination traits…. may or may not apply, I will create a Bloodline Family Template and have it out soon. Honestly, given that the Bloodline people are already very powerful, I don’t think they need the Abomination traits to help them.

This is going to cause one problem with some of you that have items that can only be used by a certain race. For this case, you can simply change the race it can be used by to reflect your changed situation. If the item in question is tied to a particular race, like Rose holding the Warbow of the Halflings, drop me a line and we’ll find you an equivalent bit that can be used by your character.

The new Clan is going to be created by Nick, (Sucker) who should be nice enough to post stats and names, etc on the Grame Manifesto area of Obsidian Portal, which all of you know about already. And yes, this is yet another attempt to get some of you older players to post there. Nick, if you’d rather send me the stuff you make, I’ll post it for you.

A short reminder about Clans: All Clans have a minimum of 7 families and a maximum of 25. The head family uses the name of the clan with a D’. (Zakfeld D’Evers is in the head family of the Evers Clan, while his niece, Allanna D’Miir is of one of the offshoot families) The D’ indicates membership in a clan, but only by knowing the family lines can you tell which clan it refers to. Note that pretending to be of a clan or impersonating a Clans-person is extremely hazardous to your health. All the Clans have rules about that running from the Astarri clan who simply kills you on sight, to Markus’ clan rules, which involve much screaming yelling and torture; with personal attention from Markus for the unlucky soul they catch.

Currently, there are 37 clans in total, with the Bloodline Clan being the 38th. However, Allanna D’Miir and the rest of the Miirs, Foxloves and Waldens are going to break away from the D’Evers clan, since the clan is about to pass the 25 family limit. Which four other families will join them and the head of the new Clan are not known yet.

In other news, due to one dunderhead getting carried away and silly, Sneak attack dice can only be raised to a maximum of D20, period. Those of you that like raising the SA dice can thank Edward, who tried to raise a D4 SA to D10k. (D4-D6-D8-D10-D12-D20-D30-D100-D10k. Yes, Edward wanted to create a Halfling Sorcerer with the Stealthy Template and 8 improved SA dice feats.)

That covers the rule changes for this letter, so on to more general news.

Luna Selene is the new ruler of the High Forest; Those of you that had agreements with Jerrick Moonstar need to make new agreements with her, as she is not bound by any of the old ones. Right now, due to Jerrick’s madness and the swarms of Fae in the High Forest, most player races and two legged non-Fae humanoids are not welcome in the forest. Luna is attempting to organize and control the Fae, but we all know what a pain that is, so do not expect matters to change any time soon.

In wider news, The Warlord that is attempting to take over the Faerun continent has become bogged down as his front spreads wider than even his army can deal with. Rose and Edward’s people with Nature’s Fury have almost completely stopped the multiple front war; The Warlord is going to have to consolidate his forces and slow his assaults, which I think was the point. In other news about this war, the Adventurer’s guild has made it known that there is a ten million gold bounty on the Warlord’s head, or 50 million if he is brought in alive. (Those of you with CRs over 80 are not allowed to try and collect; this campaign is not that high.)

The Paladin Queen has sent out a call for Adventurers of high level and skill to clear some pockets of higher level undead in the Greyhawk continent. Evil need not apply of course, and while all the loot is for the adventurers, the Paladin Queen reserves the right to pay in gold or magic for anything of an evil nature.

The Adventuring group known as Winged Hammer (Nightshade D’Angelo, Roland of the Golden Hammer, Xavier Blacklegs and others.) have temporarily closed the Mercenary school they are running as they go somewhere to do something. (Nightshade and Roland have accepted the greatest challenge of their lives…. To steal an item from The Wyrm without him finding out.)

In news from other planes, the Starblades have opened a small portal from Raven’s plane to the Prime material plane; the entrance can be found in the Valley of the Mage on Greyhawk Continent. Note that the creatures and enemies in that plane are not suited for any regular PCs under level 30. There is a small shop at the entrance where you can buy some of the goods that the Starblades were famous for. This does include three of their best bowyers. (Those of you that are newer, IE, after the Planar War won’t know this, but the Starblades build the finest bows anywhere, better even than the Adventurer’s Academy Bows.) Be prepared to wait at least 18 months for delivery and pay… Well, that depends on your rolls, doesn’t it? Minimum price for a Starblade bow is going to be right at 1000 gold, and may vary depending on the requirements for each bow.

One last bit of horror for all of you…. Some of you have been collecting the various parts of the suits. Nick has nearly one whole suit and most of you have at least one piece. Some evil bastard, (Not Jerry, this time.) has found a way to locate the pieces of the suits from a distance and has created a single suit… that absorbs the powers of any other suit he comes within 50 feet of. Those of you that have any of the various pieces need to let me know what you are doing to protect your bits. Be aware that he has already absorbed the entire Shadowdancer’s suit and at least one bit from the Wizard, Ranger and Druid sets. More about this to come later.

On the bright side of the world, Nick’s Duke has fathered three little girls; Giving him four children in total now. As soon as Nick picks the names for his girls, we should be hearing about it.

Xavier Blacklegs has passed the final test, and is the premier Wizard of Faerun, with all the rights and responsibilities that come with it.

Wulf Hamfist has a minor price on his head, however, he is this decade’s Tooth and Nail Champion, so collecting that bounty will be extremely hard. (The Tooth and Nail contest is a no holds barred fighting championship, open to fighters, brawlers and creatures of proven fighting skill. It is by invite only and held every ten years.) (Anyone with a CR under 50 should avoid this mission, those of you with Crs over 125 can’t do it.)

Zakfeld D’Evers has announced the completion of a Temple to Marnonious The God of Logic, Puzzles and Thought. Marnonious is currently a 2nd level Deity, but his portfolio is well suited to many Adventurers.

Three bits of old lore:

In 2095, a group of Mages and clerics got together to create a greater Artifact to help out their people. This group, which included Merril and Tammar, had a few dozen people who went out and looked for things for the group. (Those of you that were playing in 1985-1993 might remember the group called Arcane Quest.) They created a 12 foot high statue of a raven, tasked to watch over their questers, keeping them safe and healthy. Over the next 500 years, as more and more questers owed Raven their lives, her sentience grew, until she was far more than an Artifact. Today, Raven is a full fledged 12th level deity with her own plane and race of people.

“The” Creatures. Way back, as the Gods built Grame Manifesto, they debated about what creatures would live here, and where they all fit in the various food chains. Each God/dess created an example of the creatures they wanted accepted to show the other Gods. When those creatures were accepted, That first one, born of God magic, became The whatever. There is a The creature for everything created then, from ladybugs to Dragons. These first-born creatures cannot be hurt as long as a single one of their descendants lives. In order to kill The Wyrm, for example, you would have to kill off every single dragon alive and every half breed and person with a Dragon ancestor in the last 15 generations.

Of all the Immortals of Grame Manifesto, the most learned one is Tammar the Elf. He is quite possibly the Oldest living creature on GM that is not one of the The Creatures. He is at least forty thousand years old, and he pre-dates both Dwarves and Humans on the face of GM, and remembers the Sundering of the Elven-kind as personal history. Tammar is an Alchemist and Librarian with a desire to know absolutely everything in the universe. His Library is far and away the finest one on GM, with well over three million books, scrolls and other written things, and even today Tammar’s Questors wander all the planes looking for new information Tammar doesn’t have.



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