(Non Canon) Prestige Class: Arch Magus

The Archmagus is a curiosity and an enigma wrapped into one, the ancient sect of Mages that pre-dated Thay in both lust for power and curiosity for secrets. They were believed by the few that remember them to have touched pinnacles of ability not seen in Aeons before and since, true masters of their craft.
However, the saying goes “The flame that burns the brightest, burns out the fastest.” Their newfound powers were not without price, as many promising students burned out their own lifeforces or even spontaneously combusted in the wake of overuse of their powers. Still others, propelled by their own greed..waged war across the continent with unusual Archeotechnology. Their pinnacle achievements were two. The first…the ability to operate in dead , zones of Magic, or in similar areas. The first Arch Magus… Xaenor, was discovered initially while doing this very art. By consuming Blackrock in a specific, now thought to be lost ritual, the Mage was able to attune to a part of its properties in such a way as to overcome them…to a point. This also had the side effect of additional curious abilities noted within this class.
The second achievement was the ability to combine the arcane, the psionic, and the divine in order to create a geshaulting of powers. One that partly combined with the Blackrock fueled their strange immunity to dead areas or negation effects..and partly contributed to the strange ability to create the thoughtform construct known as the TULPA to aid in battle.
The Tulpas in a way were also a large contribution to the downfall of the ancient ArchMaguses. Losing control over them, they wound up possessed by them and running wild across the lands. As a result, many banded together to wipe out this sect of Magic completely as is often the case in such stories. Time past. Aside from the curious artifact or two found here and there, for the most part time forgot about them. The Gods for the most part, themselves also forgot as they had better things to worry about and it was one less major pain in the backside to deal with.

It is rumored that not all Archmaguses perished, that a meager few went into hiding, carried on their work, and for the most part practice still in secret. The ritual for becoming an Archmagus…The Red Raven (Grimoire of Xaenor) is considered to be lurking in the oddball or rare library, just waiting for the time in which its secrets may once again be brought to the surface.

Prerequisites: Base Attack bonus of 5+, Leadership, Cannot have chosen a familiar. Arcane spontaneous casting, psionic power pool. Casting and manifester level of at least 5th level.
3 metamagic feats of any kind, and 1 metapsionic feat of any kind. In addition, the Special condition.

Alignment: Any.
SPECIAL CONDITION: This is the big one. You must find a copy or the real deal of the Red Raven. Then you must locate the Ritual of Xaenor and decipher it with a Spellcraft DC of 50 to the check. This ritual must be performed within a dead magic zone, one that has a Ley Line either running up to it, or passing through it. (GM’s call on what it would take to find such an unusual place.) The ritual itself is done at night and carries 1 million Gps worth of arcane, divine, and psychic components..which are consumed in the casting. A wizard’s spellbook of at least 10th level spellcasting is burned, the ashes added to the infusion. Roughly about a pound of Blackrock is also included, which is mixed together in a special infusion and drank. The imbiber falls into a deep, dreamless sleep for 1d4 days, at which point they awaken as a newly christened Archmagus of the first level. (They automatically are granted the first level after completing the ritual successfully.) The ritual itself is a Spellcraft DC 50.

Needless to say, finding or acquiring a copy that contains the Ritual of Xaenos would be a quest in itself…
Lv Fort Ref Will BAB Abilities Spell Points Spellcraft Bonus
1st 3 +3 +3 +5 Spell Points, Anti-Mat, Secret 66 +2
2nd +3 +3 +4 +5 Secret, Bonus Feat 78 +4
3rd +3 +4 +4 +5 Spell Slot Effect, Mana Ray 91 +6
4th +4 +4 +5 +6/
1 Secret, Bonus Feat 105 8
5th +4 +5 +5 +6/
1 Anti-Negation, Inc. Power 120 10
6th +5 +5 +6 +7/
2 Secret, Bonus Feat 136 12
7th +5 +6 +6 +7/
2 Tulpa, Inc Power 151 14
8th +6 +6 +7 +8/
3 Secret, Bonus Feat 169 16
9th +6 +7 +7 +8/
3 Domain, Enhanced Tulpa 188 18
10th +7 +7 +8 +9/
4 Geshault Tulpa, Secret, Bonus Feat 208 +20
Note: Archmaguses get bonus spell points equal to their Cha modifier.
Spell points: An archmagus may draw energy from just about anywhere to fuel their spells. They still case spontaneously as normal, however..once they have used their spells per day, they may choose to also use spell points to cast their spells. The cost for this is (Spell level x 5) points per spell. If they should ever have twice as many in terms of spell points in their maximum pool, there is a 5% (per 10 points) chance of Spontaneous Combustion. This
requires a Fort save to survive each round (cumulative -2 penalty), deals 1d10 non-elemented damage, and appears to burn as a blue white flame that emits no heat. Each round of burning, the damage increases by 1d10 and sheds 10 points of the excess spell
power. In the event the Archmage’s hp reaches 0 from this, they are completely consumed and resurrection by any means is impossible. An archmage may leech excess spell points with the right secret to also aid someone suffering from this malady. (Side note: Spell points may still only be used to cast up to the current maximum of spells you have available for a day, so a 12th level Sor would still only be able to cast up to 6th level spells.)
Special Note: At double the spell point, there is a 25% chance of instant death. At triple, there is a 50%, and half added to that..75%, and quadruple is instant self-immolation.

Bonus Feat: Arcane, Metamagic, Wizard, Item Creation feats only.
Anti-Material: The Archmagus requires less in the way of components to cast their spells as they become more experienced. For each level of Archmage, they no longer require a focus or material components for their spells. (They must still pay any XP costs, however.) This is according to the following ration: (1st: Cantrip, 2nd: 1st lev spells, 3rd: 2nd lev spells,etc.)
This does not apply to epic or epic seed spells, nor is intended to, as the maximum for this is spell level 9th.

Secret: These are secrets of the Archmagus, cultivated through careful study and practice, as well as the embracing of the arts of their ancestors. You will find a list below. At 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th you may choose one and only one secret. Some are stackable, but considering what is available, one should choose wisely.

Spell Slot Effect: The Archmagus sacrifices one use per day of a spell (or a range of spell) level/s..in order to create a desired effect from the list. A 0 level spell will only cost a 0 level use, but for instance..a 9th level will cost a use from each spell slot from 0 level up to 9th level. These produce a varying degree of effects and are often creditted to the first school fo the Archmaguses under Maldris, the Second Archmagus known whom was more considered to be the actual founder of the Archmagus craft. You may still only use an effect up to the maximum spell level you can cast. (So a 12th level sorceror can still only use up to a 6th level spell slot effect.)

TULPA: This creates a wispy version of yourself that possesses the same ability scores, but
half the HP of the Archmagus. The Tulpa and the Archmagus share the same skills, spell /psi pool, and spells known/per day. The Tulpa is treated as an incorporeal construct for purposes of overcoming damage reduction and being effected, but possesses none of the other immunities of the Archmagus. It does as commanded and can use basic, sorcerorous, or psychic attacks, as well as move at the same rate as the Archmagus. To create/summon requires a Spellcraft DC of 30 and is treated as a summon spell. It lasts until dismissed as a free action and costs half of the Archmagus’s spell pool in order to create.

In the event that the summon fails with a 9 or below, there is 50% chance that the Tulpa runs wild and attacks anything and everything on sight. It still uses the spell pool and abilities of the Archmagus. Unless the appropriate secret is taken, you may only have one Tulpa at any time. If however, you possess more than one, there is a 25% chance that each Tulpa you control will also go berserk in a similar regard. *A TULPA in any of the three states may be negated by the use of the Data Drain ability, and this prevents the TULPA from being cast again for 1d6 hours.)

Domain: The Archmagus gains the use of a single Domain of their choice. They can use the granted powers of this domain, and the spells contained within they may learn and use according to the Archmagus level. (As per Anti-Material above). These abilities are useable only once per day, and may not be cast using spell points.
Increased Power: The Archmagus gains 3 additional spells or psychic powers of their choosing from anything that is available to them, within the limit of the highest manifester or spell level they can use. (So a 12th level Sor can only gain up to 6th level spells.) They do not gain any additional uses per day for these spells/powers, nor any additional points to their manifesting pool in order to fuel them.
Spell Ray (Ex) Requires a Spellcraft roll of DC (10+3/ 10 spell points invested) as a ranged touch attack of up to (10 ft/ Archmagus level.) This takes a standard action and deals 1d8 (1d8 per 10 spell points used) 1 per caster level. Adding an energy type increases the action type to a full round as well as a +10 to both the Spellcraft DC and the spell point cost.
Anti-Negation (Ex): This is the one the Arch Magus is known for. The Archmagus can use their spells and abilities in any area or within a field of effect that would normally negate such abilities use. This is limited to anything worn, held, or cast by the Archmagus. (If they drop an item, it suffers the full effects of those type of items in a null zone or similar effect until 1d4 rounds after it is picked up again.) Basically, the abilities of the Archmagus cannot be negated. Most Archmaguses usually do not live long enough to get to this point..however…

SPECIAL NOTE Anything immune to spell like abilities, psi, etc..will still be immune to such. If a negating type weapon attempts to pass through a spell ward, it will however be rendered ineffective.

Enhanced Tulpa TULPA summoning at Spellcraft DC 40. It now has its own form (if you wish to change it.) and still uses your spells/abilities…but it now has its own manifester pool and full HP equal to your own. (It does not have your gear, though it may wear gear if its shape is remotely humanoid and of the right size.) Its form is set upon initial creation and it bears 3 minor, 2 major, and one unique mutation to help focus its appearance and additional abilities. It uses the same DC after in order to summon (the chance of Berserk state is now 10% however..) and lasts until it is dispelled. It is considered an Incorporeal Construct, but it can shift to and from the Astral or Ethereal plane as a move action. It follows commands as a free action on the Archmaguses turn and follows all other rules of Tulpas. It costs 1/2 the spell pool of the Archmagus as well as a 6th and 7th level spell use to summon.

Geshault Tulpa The Archmagus and their Tulpa merge. The fused creature has the better of the stats of the two for each ability score, their HP combines, and they recieve the better scores for AC, natural armor, and so on. The Archmagus is generally in control, but the form is that of a more solid looking Tulpa, whose size category increases by one. It gains an additional mutation to each type (minor, major, unique) upon creation, which is set. Spellcraft DC for this is 50, and the berserk chance is 25% should it fail by a roll of 9 or below.) They are considered always hovering about 5 feet off the ground, and are treated as astral constructs that may shift onto the Ethereal or Astral plane once per round as a move action.

Should there be more than one Tulpa, you may only choose one by which to use with this ability. That one forever onward will be your Geshaulted Tulpa..which is given a name in order to recognize its unique nature. This type of Tulpa costs all of the spell points in the spell pool as well as a 9th level spell use. A Berserk Tulpa of this variety has basically possessed the Archmage, and only a Will save can re-enact control. However, they must make an additional will save on the next round to fully re-assert control, which then dispels the Tulpa automatically.
Secrets of the ArchMaguses
Element Mastery (AER Magic, p18) The Archmagus is treated an Elementalist of a single type listed there of the same level as the level of the AM. This operates much like the Domain listing in terms of mechanics. (One use of ability per day, and any granted powers.)
Stackable, but each uses a separate element.
Metamagic rays You can add any metamagic feats you know to the Mana Ray, but each addition also adds 10 to the spell point cost, and +5 to the DC. It does not change the
casting time of the spells.
Perilous summoning Stackable. Any spell or ability that allows you to summon a creature may summon one extra creature of that type. This includes Tulpas. (However, there is the chance more than one Tulpla will result in them all going berserk if one goes fruit loops.)
Enhanced Manifesting Pool: Add
20 to either Power Points or Spell points, but not both. Stackable.
Mana Transference You can use your Mana ray to add the cost of the ability in spell points as instead transferring the spell points to the target. They may make a Fortitude save in order to negate this. If this is done to a non-spell caster, treat their total manifesting pool
as that of an Archmagus of equal level, halved for purposes of figuring spontaneous combustion. They may also, once per day (per AM level) forgo all damage and add 30 to the Spellcraft DC in order to drain spell points from a target. (This roll is not boosted with spell points for obvious reasons.) Once again, follow the rules for non-spell casters or psions.
For spellcasters, remove spell uses per day according to the total points drained. For psions, their power pool takes a hit. (For those of multiclass, it is divided between classes).
Spontaneous Divine: You may now spontaneously cast divine spells, which you can learn on the same tier as the highest spell that you can cast. However, these also use your spells per day and your spells known. Once this secret is taken, however..it is 1d4 days before the Archmagus can use ANY magic as a result of the rituals involved and the strain on the Archmagus.
Affluential choice : Only targets you specify with your spells, be they blasts or wide area effects, are actually hit with your spells. Everything else is left unscathed from the terrain to those caught in its path be it allies or bystanders. (So a massive flood wave will ignore farmland, but drown all of the rats in it, while ignoring the farmer’s little kid playing in the field, as an example.) This effects only targets you know about, and adds a +20 spell point cost to any spell cast whether using a use per day or spell points to cast it.
Riding the Wave This allows the Archmage to experience the senses of the Tulpa while it is summoned.
Forbidden Geshaulting This is HIGHLY dangerous. It allows the Archmage to add one additional Tulpla they can summon to the Geshault summon. This adds +3 minor/
2 major/1 unique mutation to the fused creatue, and +1/4th its HP. Ability scores increase
+10 per fusion, however the Berserk chance also increases by +10% per fusion. Stackable.
Quell the Rage Stackable: Reduces the berserk chance by 5%.
Bonus Feat As mentioned above with the class abilities. Stackable.
Ancient Blood The full effects of one type listed, as per Essential Sorceror p31.
Metamagi Can use metamagic feats without a level increase, and the spell point cost
to use each is only +5. In addition, there is no DC increase when using this with Mana Ray.
Dual Cast Once per day (per AM level), you may as a free action during your turn cast an additional Mana Ray or spell. This can be readied for purposes of Overwatch.
Overwatch As a standard action, you can go into overwatch. Whenever a hostile creature
moves within 20 ft of you, you get an immediate single action (up to full round, but you cannot move.) to use against that creature, at which point the effect ends.
Mana Gatling Enhanced Mana ray type. Standard action. Damage dealt is Caster level
spell points used. Reflex save for half, but can be blocked with anything that would block magic missiles. It fires repeated streams of magical bursts at a foe. Range is any foe within the range set by the Mana ray, and the DC remains the same. You can add up to 4 types of energy with this, but each costs 5 to the DC and the spell point cost.
Mana Brace Use spell points equal to the spell cast in order to negate a spell or spell like ability, or psionic power used on you. This works on spells and powers up to a manifesting level of the max level of spell you can cast, and can be done a number of times per encounter equal to the AM level.
Increased Lifespan: Stackable. As per the Feat.
Bloodcasting: Instead of traditional means, the AM also learns how to deal themselves Hit point damage in order to fuel their spells. This is done equal to double the amount of spell points it would require to cast the spell, and this cannot be used to power spells higher than 9th level or the highest level you can cast below 9th level.
Art of Warmagery Add your Cha modifier to damage dealt by spells and Mana ray.
Primordial Talent Adds the abilities of a Primordial Sorceror (See Essential Sorc. I) of equal level to the AM. For the descriptions replace class level with caster level, and the abilities are all that are gained.
Recounting of the Past By embracing ancient soul knowledge of past Archmaguses, you gain an insight bonus of (
1 per AM level) to any two class skills of your choosing. You may change these to any other class skill you wish once per day, after a full rest period.
Racial Vibration Stackable, a different race each time. You are viewed as a member of a type of that race by those creatures, and you count as one of them for the purpose of feats, prestige classes, magic items, and spell prerequistes. The strain caused by this causes wounds dealt to your body equal to 1/2 your HP when you take this, but this damage may be healed as normal. You otherwise gain no bonuses or penalties related to this racial type.
============== Spell Slot Effect Skills (Treat as Spell like abilities) Only one may be active at any time. -Caster level is also not treated as a spell level. ============
Level Descriptor Effect
0 Alliance Sacrifice additional spell points to create weapon/armor.
Alter self, or Effect similar to Necklace of Adaptation (both
have a duration of caster level.) Weapon/armor is considered
AC/bonus of point range given, max of highest level cast.
Damage would be a 1d8, x2 17-20 crit, force element.
1st Barrier Ends immediately if you cast a spell or use a spell like ability.
Immune to a type of energy, but its opposing type deals
x2 damage to you. You can choose the element. This directly
interferes with any immunities you already have.
2nd Aggressor Ends immediately if you cast a spell or use a spell like ability.
Bonus to all saves, AC, and attack rolls equal to 1/AM level.
3rd Draw Sacrifice 1/2 your Hit points to regain 1/4th your spell pool.
This is a full round action.
4th Defender Immediate action. Throw up a defensive spell with the regular
costs, skill rolls,etc. This is useable up to 1/AM level per
encounter and adds a spell point cost of +10, even if spells
per day are used.
5th Absorption Immediate action. Useable a number of times equal to 1/AM level.
A spell or effect of up to a manifesting level of the highest level
spell you can cast that is directed at you is negated and absorbed,
garnering no effect but healing you for hit points equal to the spell
point cost of that level of spell.
6th Addition A Spell that targets or utilizes a certain number of HD may when
cast now affects double the amount. This spell slot effect is in
addition to casting the spell and must be declared before the
spell is cast.
7th Subtraction 1d6 round cooldown after use, and the spell or effect can be no
higher than the highest level spell/power the AM can manifest.
Except for ally abilities or beings with a higher CHA score, the caster
does not “exist” as a possible target for spells, psychic abilities,
divine spells, etc. This lasts for 1d4
1 rounds at a time.
Or Create a pocket dimension for yourself and a number
of others equal to your Archmagus level. This lasts up to (1/2 caster
level) rounds and as a free action the Archmagus can see what is
going on outside of the space. This pocket dimension is considered
part of the Archmagus for purposes of the Anti-Negation ability.
8th Magi The AM’s current HP is halved. Caster level doubles. Not stackable,
and lasts 1d10 rounds. Cooldown 1d6 rounds, max times of 3/day.
9th Data Drain Culmination of ArchMagus skills, largely used to deal with crazed
Tulpas after the first series of catastrophes. Roll a Spellcraft of DC
50 and see below. In addition, if a Protection break is hit..additional
Data drains will cause the unfortunate victim to lose one level for
Category above 4. (Highest will save is allowed and negates the level

On a 5 or below, bad things happen. In addition to the listed effects, the ArchMagus rerolls on a 1d100 and the effect listed happens to them, with additional targets in this case being allies and bystanders. **each tier adds the effects of those below itin addition with the exception of the ones that penalize for 5 or lower * Corruption grants a -1 to all rolls per 10%. Once each hallmark (25/50/75/100) their max HP reduces by that much. At 100%, their body pixelates like a staticky TV set and explodes, no resurrection allowed. Corruption takes the form of jagged, sickly red or green looking wounds that appear even over the armor and are not healed except by a Miracle, Wish, or data draining a creature. Each use of such heals 5% corruption. (The hallmark is also the chance they will go insane upon hitting that point.)

Range: 10 ft per AM level.
Ranged touch attack.
Damage: 1d10 non-element dmg per tier above 1.
(In addition, the Spellcraft roll grants additional effects.)
Note, any bonuses to Spellcraft roll do not help you if you roll a 5 or lower. They do not
count against such. Also, this effect DOES counter an Archmages Anti-Negation
ability. It is an exception to the rule.
Roll Category Effect
Below 0 X1 Caster takes 1d10% corruption x3
0-5 X2 Caster takes 1d10% corruption.
6-10 N No damage dealt, effect breaks, 1% corruption.
11-20 1 1d10 dmg, 30% Dazed (d4 rounds)
20-29 2 2d10 dmg, 30% Stunned, Shaken (d4 rounds)
30-39 3 3d10 dmg 40% Protection break
(This negates Tulpas on a second shot, increases
a shot category by 1d4, and on the first shot
renders all defensive bonuses to 0 for 1d4
40-45 4 4d10 dmg, 50% Sleep, Silence, Stone until Fort negates.
46-50 5 5d10 dmg,Negates any Tulpa, 50% ability lockdown (d4 rounds)
51-55 6 6d10 dmg, 50% Comatose 1d6 days.
56-60 7 7d10 dmg, additional target, 30% lose all immunities. (1d4 rounds)
61-70 8 8d10 dmg, 2 additional targets.
71-80 9 9d10 dmg, 3 additional targets.50% coma 1d4 months.
81-90 10 10d10 dmg, 4 additional targets, 50% rezzable death. (highest save)
91-100 Omega Affected target makes highest save or ceases to exist.

(Non Canon) Prestige Class: Arch Magus

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